Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Digital ghosts of lost friends

A friend of mine died recently, quite suddenly.. This was quite a shock to me and all her friends. She leaves behind 3 beautiful girls, who will be devastated. A single mother she lived for her daughters and was just rebuilding her life after the split from their father. 

This is just one of those terrible tragic things that life is prone to through at us! The thing, I was messing about on Facebook the other day and came accross her on my list of friends. Her Facebook page is still there.. All the photos of her and her daughters on holiday.. All the silly jokes and messages with her friends. It was hard to remember that she was dead. As she died so suddenly no will know her passwords or account details. So I guess her account will just sit there, frozen in time. The last comments on her wall from just a few days before she died. This has made me think, how many pages are there, where the user has died like this. If I died who would know to remove all the little bits of web stuff I have out there..? In way it's quite poetic, a lasting memory of the real person.. The stupid facile stuff we all post and talk about, rather than the piousness that takes over often when someone dies.