Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Well what a incredible year 2008 was, I've gone from having a beard, body hair and a paunch, I've let my masculine life fall back. Shaved off the beard , body hair and lost about a stone in weight! Buying a good wig and a nice pair of breasts from ebay! The transformation has been such a incredible journey.

But going out as a girl for the first time has to be the stand out moment of the year even if I probably looked terrible and was scared to death. It was such a revelation! The world didn't explode and no one screamed in horror as I walked down the street. Since then I've been out so many times there is not much point in writing them all up any more. The thing I will always remember is the first time I heard my own heels click clacking down the street!

I've also made some fantastic friends, Tasha, Sophie, Jay and Zo to name but a few of them. Other friendships have been transformed by the new me! The female friends, I've come out to have been incredibly supportive and kept me sane through all the craziness. That they now see me as a woman is such an incredible compliment, I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction if I'd tried!

Anyway all those people who have touched my life over the last year here is a great big THANK YOU!! Thank you to the guys who've shown me what fun a girl can have with a nice boy in her bed! I'd never thought I'd be writing this last year let alone having done it! And thank you to all the fun and funny boys and girls I've met on-line. For making me laugh and listening to my random waffle...

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