Friday, 18 June 2010


Well my mum and dad now know and to be honest this has gone about as badly as it possible could have. My dad feels I'm lost to him and I'm really not sure what to say to him. As I had a long chat with him but have the feeling that nothing I said went in. The fact he phoned my mum even though he's promised to let me talk to her myself. So today I'm going to see my mum and talk this through with her. I'm not looking forward to this but I guess this has to be done. I've been going over this in my head for days and days and I still don't really know what will come from it and can't yet guess what she's going to say.

All I do know is that this is my worst nightmare, since I was little terrified that my mum would catch me in her clothes or makeup. I just have to face the music finally after all these years..

I will try to up date how this goes today!

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Unknown said...

I hope things have got better for you. I really feel for you.